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.: ~ Don't Forget Poker Face ~ :.

.the face behind the mask.

Kuroba Kaito | Kaitou Kid
21 June
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Character journal [KAITO] by kaorien, used for RP community neisenma.
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Character Information
Character Name: Kuroba Kaito / "Kaitou Kid"
Canon Source: Detective Conan / Magic Kaito
Age: 18
Present Location: Rukongai (but frequently travels for heists)
Residential time: One year
Occupation: Magician / Thief
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual though I suppose he can be swayed :shifty eyes:

Basic Personality:
Kaito is an outgoing person, who's a clear charmer with the ladies, using his magic tricks to conjure them roses or an outfit and compliments them flatteringly. Though the girls don't apprieciate his pervish tendencies to flip skirts, unlock girl's locker rooms, and asks for bust, waist, and hip measurements. Kaito is athletic and especially skiis well, though he can't ice skate for crap and isn't very good at billards either, despite being able to shoot well. He loves to have fun and be mischeivous, and he play pranks, but he's also very intelligent, despite seemingly stupid actions. He's got an impeccable ablility to memorize details. He has an extreme case of Ichthyophobia--fear of fish. Wave a fish in his face and garantee he'll run fast as he can to get away.

As a theif and a magician, he's learned "Poker Face" to mask his emotions. He's not a mean hearted soul and has a lot of heart actually. He would never take a life and tries to keep innocents from danger whenever possible. However, he's not afraid to take on his opponents head on, sometimes deliberatly challenging them, and he uses whatever he has to his best advantage, especially the chaos that people tend to create.

Kaito has a particular fondness for young children and loves to entertain, whether as Kid or Kuroba Kaito. He's a magic freak and has always will be. It's his hertiage and nature.

Quote: "Heart and Smile are the most important things. And don't forget to show Poker Face too."

Kaito arrived in Neisenma a year ago, knowing one thing: that he had to find a certain gem, that when you look through it inthe moonlight, there's will be a red gem inside that glows. He's not sure where he knows this from, and though he has his doubts about it, it's his only clue to.. well, anything, and he pursues this elusive Pandora gem under the guise of Kaitou Kid or Kid the Phantom Thief-- coming from Kaitou 1412, which was somehow twisted into KID. Though in under a year, he gathered many more nicknames. It was hard not to, with his flamboyant way of wearing a white outfit, complete with top hat, monocle, and cape. Before a heist, he sends a letter to to the authorities or the owner telling them he planned to steal it, and even hints at how through riddles. Added to this note is usually a mini-caricature of himself. He uses several tricks in his intricate plans to enter and exit a heist. And as Kaitou Kid, he usually returns all his spoils after he's checked that it's not what he's looking for--though when he finds that gem, all he knows is that he has to destroy it. He doesn't always suceed in all his thefts, though sometimes, it's not as important as other things...

Kaito still pursues this gem, though in normal life, he is but Kaito Kuroba, a college student, ladies' man and part-time magician extrodinaire. People around him seem to get suspcions about him, but he's always alluded the truth somehow. Luck seems to be on his side anyway. The best place to hide, afterall, is in the public eye

Listed weapons and magical abilities: Card-gun (fires playing cards at a very high speed), magic tricks (from slight of hand to disappearing acts), flash bombs, smoke (pink) and sleeping gas bombs, hang glider, air ballon, master of desguise (whether female or male, he hasn't a problem deguising himself), can imitate anyone's voice, marionettes of himself, etc

This layout features Kuroba Kaito, as his alter-ego, Kaitou Kid, from the manga series Magic Kaitou by Gosho Aoyama. 'Twas made in Jasc Paint Shop Pro and handcoded in Notepad by .